What Is Swift®, and How Does It Remove Warts?

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Swift® is a highly effective wart removal microwave technology. Swift works in seconds to offer patients quick, effective, and easy results compared to other methods. Swift is a successful method, with a cure rate of more than 85 percent and a less than 1 percent recurrence rate.


What Are Warts?


Warts are rough, skin-colored bump infections on the outer layer of the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV has over 100 types, and this viral infection is passed from one person to the next through skin contact.


You can get warts from being in physical contact with someone who has them. HPV virus is contagious. Warts can also spread to other areas of your body. Warts are hard to clear, as they can excellently elude your immune system.


What Is Swift, and How Does It Work?


Swift is a technological therapy used medically to remove warts. It works by using a unique probe to deliver low-dose microwave energy. It addresses the root cause by effectively targeting and treating the underlying virus. Swift technology stimulates the natural immune response.


The microwave signal is focused and released into the skin. Depth is predetermined before the action to ensure that the energy treats the wart alone. Infected skin cells undergo a process called heat shock.


Proteins get released from the wart into the circulatory system, alerting the immune system to the presence of an infection. The immune system gets alarmed and starts to fight the HPV virus. The body then naturally replaces the wart with healthy tissue and no scar.


Is Swift Therapy Painful?


During the therapy, you can experience discomfort that may last for a few seconds. No downtime, anesthetic, or follow-up is needed since the treatment is non-surgical.


You can get back to your usual activities after the treatment. Depending on how your body responds to the treatment, you may need three to four treatments that are two to four weeks apart.


Benefits of Swift for Treatment


Swift harnesses the strength of your immune system to fight HPV. Compared to other methods of treating warts, Swift shows significantly more formidable efficacy. Swift also has the following benefits:


  • Fast treatment time

  • No dressing is needed

  • No follow-up is required

  • Highly effective treatment

  • Few numbers of treatments

  • No self-care is needed

  • No scars remain after treatment


Is Microwave Energy Safe?


Microwave energy used in Swift cannot harm a living thing’s DNA. Radiation emanating from microwaves is non-ionizing, hence, it is safe. Swift uses low levels of energy that can only vibrate water molecules found in the skin.


Swift technology is safe to use on all kinds of warts growing on any part of your body. Patients with various warts spread throughout their bodies do not need to fear. Swift creates an aggressive immune system response to the virus, making it unnecessary to treat each wart individually.


Levels of discomfort during the treatment vary because of the microwave energy temporarily increasing the temperature of the infected area. The uneasiness ends once the microwave energy delivery stops. Microwave energy using Swift is safe and effective in the treatment of warts.


For more on Swift and how it removes warts, contact Green Dermatology & Cosmetic Center at our office in Deerfield Beach, Florida. You can call us at 954-481-0650 with any questions or to book an appointment.


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