Why is the HydraFacial® So Popular? It Works!


HydraFacial® has gained more popularity in the past few years than other forms of skincare. Unlike other facial treatments, this process has no side effects such as redness after treatment. There is no downtime, and the facial will give you precisely what you are looking for: an improved complexion!

Anyone Can Try it!


HydraFacial treatment is available for all ages and all types of skin. If you have pimples or hyperpigmentation, you may experience great results from this treatment.

It is important to consult with your dermatologist prior to the treatment. Experts advise against a HydraFacial treatment if you have a sunburn, rosacea, severe acne, or if you are pregnant.

Comfortable Treatment


When it comes to facial treatments, typically the part patients dread the most is extractions. Extractions can be painful, uncomfortable and cause redness. With HydraFacial, the treatment is very comfortable, and you do not experience any pain. Many patients describe the treatment's feeling as a soothing massage.

Healthy Skin


After a HydraFacial treatment, your skin will look great and be healthier. This is because the treatment will focus on the problem areas of your skin such as blackheads, wrinkles, and large pores. You will have clear, smooth, and firm skin that looks much younger. The outcome is primarily because of the antioxidants that the treatment infuses into your skin.



With HydraFacial, the results are consistent, and the effectiveness of the treatment does not depend on the technician who performs it. The HydraFacial technology is unique and patented to give consistent results every time.

HydraFacial Treatment in 3 Steps



  • Cleansing and Peeling

Cleansing and peeling exfoliates the skin. This is very beneficial because it unclogs pores and increases collagen production. HydraFacial achieves this using the HydraFacial tip, which produces a fluid over the skin. The fluid covering the skin removes dead skin cells and eliminates impurities.

  • Extracting and Hydrating

The HydraFacial tip then removes gunk from the pores in the skin and simultaneously delivers topical moisturizers.

  • Infuses and Protects

The final stage of the treatment involves serums and boosters, which help you achieve younger-looking skin. These will reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles, the appearance of hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and dull skin. The boosts and serums used can be customized to deal with the patient's specific issues.

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