Why Swift® Wart Removal is Better Than Over-the-Counter Options

 wart removal

Have you recently developed warts and are looking for ways to remove them? If so, you may have come across several wart removal options in your search. It is best to speak to your dermatologist first to determine which treatment option is best for the affected area.

Swift® therapy is the best option for wart removal for children, adults, and immunocompromised patients. This treatment exceeds home remedies and over-the-counter options for wart removal.

Swift Therapy for Wart Removal


Before Swift therapy came along, most doctors would recommend non-surgical wart removal procedures. Since its introduction, Swift therapy has shot to the top of wart removal options.

Swift therapy employs a novel approach to wart removal compared to peeling or extracting the area. The microwaves produced by Swift therapy help trigger an immune response within the body.

The microwaves work by heating the water molecules under the skin and destroying the damaged tissues. This process boosts the body's healing ability and simultaneously triggers the immune response. It causes the body to fight off the underlying infection causing the wart.

When the body clears out the infection, warts will disappear by themselves. Despite the existing risk of reinfection, the rate is much lower for Swift therapy than for other methods.

Reasons to Choose Swift Therapy



Swift is Effective


Swift therapy has a success rate of about 85%, which is very high compared to over-the-counter methods. The treatment ensures that the chances of the wart returning are low because it treats the infection.

Less Painful


There is no pain after you have received the therapy. The only pain you will experience will last for only two to three seconds when the direct application takes place, and anesthesia is not necessary.

It is Very Convenient


The sessions for the therapy are concise and about 15 minutes each. You will need to go for two to four sessions spaced out every  two  weeks. The microwave therapy will last only two to three seconds.

No Downtime or Aftercare


Because Swift therapy does not break the skin, you will not need a bandage. You can resume your daily activities as usual after the treatment session.

It is Safe


Swift has been clinically tested for years and is very safe. Additionally, microwaves have been in use for various treatments over the years.

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