It is a common skin disorder that is characterized by persistent redness on the face, with the cheeks and nose most frequently affected. It is often referred to as “adult acne”. The cause of rosacea is unknown, but is thought to be due to an abnormal response of blood vessels to thermal stimuli, hot drinks, emotional stress, spicy foods, and particularly chronic sun exposure and damage; thus producing vasodilation of blood vessels (flushing) and inflammation. Additional skin findings include the appearance of small blood vessels, flushing, and red papules and pustules.


The treatment of Rosacea consists of sunscreens and the avoidance of specific triggers for all patients. Dr. Green is a renowned speaker on the subject of Rosacea, highly trained in the use of some of the newest of treatment options and medications to provide relief of this chronic condition. Dr. Green also recommends a combination of treatments tailored to individual patients ranging from Green Tea cleansers, prescription topical and oral medications, to laser treatments. An improvement in both the signs and symptoms of Rosacea is almost certain in our practice.